Mature Age Apprenticeships

The state of South Australia covers the central southern part of Australia and generates almost 45% of the Australia’s entire Automotive manufacturing exports which has created a lot of mature age apprenticeships in South Australia.


The average amount of employed people in South Australia over the last couple of years has been around the 800,000 mark. Of those, about 85,000 are employed in the manufacturing industry. Another good sector to find mature age apprenticeships SA is Engineering as this sector is expected to have big growth over the next couple of years. This strong growth is thanks to the South Australian government pushing to develop highly advanced and modern manufacturing capabilities. Jobs in this sector include Mechanical Engineering, ship builders, welders and many others. Most of the jobs that are being created start with an apprenticeship, so it is a great time to look for one and start a new career in Engineering.
Mature age apprenticeships SA

Mature Age Apprenticeships SA wages

Wages mature age apprentices in SA varies greatly, as it depends greatly on your experience and the industry. To give you an idea of the absolute minimum you can expect to receive as a South Australian citizen you can visit:

You may also be able to apply to concessions and entitlement applications, which may help you if you find yourself in financial difficulties.


Depending on the individual’s circumstances and situation, people can apply to such things and get help for various expenses, including:

  • Household bills – Energy and water.
  • Vehicle licensing.
  • Travelling costs
  • and more.

To find out what you may be entitled to visit – Concession Information

Adult Apprenticeship Jobs in SA

If you are after an adult apprenticeship job in SA a great start would be to use our Adult Apprenticeship Jobs page. There you can search, apply for and hopefully find your dream job.
If you are currently a mature-aged person who is unemployed or disadvantaged there is a great community-based organisation that focuses on helping people like you find employment and find training that would lead to a job. It is called Don’t Overlook Mature Experience and you can contact them through their website Dome website.

Fighting Discrimination in SA

Another great resource is the equal Opportunity Commission of SA website – They exist to help you in case you are discriminated against, because of your age, sex, religious beliefs or race.

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The state of Victoria produces a quarter of Australia’s total GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which makes it the second biggest state economy in Australia and an excellent place to find mature age apprenticeships Victoria.

One of the biggest contributors to Victoria’s economy is the Manufacturing sector, which despite the troubles it has encountered since the world’s latest economy problems; it still manages to employ over 15% of Victoria’s working residents.

There are numerous major industrial plants in Victoria, including car manufacturers Toyota and Ford, Oil refineries and aluminium smelters. This means that there are good opportunities for mature age apprentices seeking Mechanical, Engineering and Electrical apprenticeships.
Mature Age Apprenticeships Victoria

What are mature age apprenticeships Victoria?

Apprenticeships are a proven way to learn the necessary skills to start a career in a trade of your choice. An apprenticeship is a training contract between an apprentice and an employer, in which the apprentice is trained whilst completing paid work-experience, which once finished leads to a nationally recognised qualification and skill-set.

Benefits of mature age apprenticeships in Victoria?

In Victoria, mature age apprenticeships are often eligible for financial support on top of their apprenticeship wages. The Australian Government introduced an incentive called the ‘Australian Apprenticehsips Incentives Program’, and the purpose  of this program is to either give the apprentice direct financial support or in other cases to help and encourage employers to hire mature age apprentices by helping them pay the wages of apprentices. The maximum payouts are of up to AUD$13,000 for the initial two years of the apprenticeship. and this money can be for either extra living funds, to subsidise the cost of necessary tools or for second-home costs.

How do I find out if I am eligible?

In order to be eligible for these benefits, the apprentice must be over 25 at the start of their Australian Apprenticeship in a trade experiencing skills shortages and at a Certificate level III or IV.

Please note that the benefits are awarded depending on the individual’s particular circumstances. If you wish to find out exactly what and how much you may be entitled to, please contact the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program on 13 38 73 or visit the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Website.

What about the mature age apprenticeships Victoria wages?

The employment conditions of mature age apprenticeships are often very similar to those given to other employees within the same industry, however, as a mature age apprentice you are given a special wage rate, to find out your basic wage, without any of the benefits mentioned above.


However, to give you a rough estimate of numbers, here are some information snapshots of various occupations in Victoria:

Electrician: Number of Electricians in Victoria is 33,415 – Average weekly hours is 41.3 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$1200.

Mining Engineer: Number of Mining Engineers in Victoria is 1,350 Average weekly hours is 46.5 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$2100.

Plumber: Number of Plumbers in Victoria is 26,800 – Average weekly hours is 40.7 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$1,000.

Motor Mechanic: Number of motor mechanics in Victoria is 22,344 – Average weekly hours is 41.8 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$850.

Carpenter: Number of Carpenters in Victoria is 32,356 – Average weekly hours is 40 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$900.

*Note: This information is from March 2012 and obtained from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace relations, Job outlook – occupation pages. Your salary once qualified will largely depend on your experience and skill.

What is required to work in Victoria?

In order to legally work in the majority of skilled trades in Victoria, you will be required to have a licence or registration from your relevant trade body.

Here are some valuable resources to learn more about licences and registrations for tradesmen in Victoria: – Industry body for engineers in Victoria. – Official regulator of all plumbing works carried out in Victoria.

Looking for mature age apprenticeships Victoria?

If you are looking for mature age apprenticeships Victoria, look no further than our jobs section, we list numerous apprenticeships and jobs – give it a try – Mature Age Apprenticeships Jobs.

Further Reading

If you would like to continue reading about mature age apprenticeships Victoria, we thoroughly recommend visiting the official Victoria Apprenticeships Website.

Good luck!
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Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, which is home to 10% of the Australian population. There is a tremendous amount of natural resources in the area, which has made extraction and processing of these resources a huge part of the state’s economy and this in turn has made mining one of the most important local industries.

Western Australia roughly contributes around 58% of all of the Australian Energy and Mineral exports, which equates to around 4.6% of Australia’s total GDP (Gross Domestic Product). And the Gross State Product per person is considerably higher than the national average.

All of the above has helped Western Australia have booming mining and construction sectors and created countless jobs and apprenticeships for its residents. If you are interesting in mining industry, you can read by going to our mining apprenticeships page.
Mature age apprenticeships WA

What do I need to be able to work in Western Australia?

To work in Western Australia as a tradesmen, you need to obtain the relevant qualifications and certificates for your chosen trade. In order to obtain these you must complete all of the on and off the job training and have achieved competency in your apprenticeship contract’s outlined units. Once you have passed the qualifications you need to apply for a trade certificate by contacting your registered training organisation.

Benefits of Mature Age Apprenticeships WA

In certain popular trades in Western Australia, such as mining, you may be required to travel long distances or may even need to rent a second home in order to complete your apprenticeship. This is due to the remote location of some sites, in these cases you may be entitled to financial support from the Australian Apprenticeships scheme for both your travels and any second-homes allowance. The Australian Apprenticeships scheme also helps mature age apprentices in Western Australia with further financial help to reduce the cost of tools that may be required to complete your trade.

You can find out more about what exactly you are entitled to by calling Australian Apprenticeships – 13 38 73

I want to change the terms in my contract

If you have signed a contract with an employer in Western Australia and you wish to make changes to it, the first thing you must do is contact your local ApprentiCentre and have a meeting with a qualified officer. They can help you with issues such as; getting an extension to your contract if you do not complete your training in time and cancelling it.

How much do mature aged apprentices earn in Western Australia?

To find out how much your basic salary will be, check the website below to find the relevant award information. As a mature age apprentice, you may be eligible for wage top-ups.
Western Australia State Award Information:

Federal awards information can be found at or 131 394

For further reading we recommend the following three resources:

Information about various apprenticeships –

Official Western Australia Government Website –

Official Western Australia Government Apprenticeship website –

Good luck with your search for mature age apprenticeships in WA.
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Queensland is the second largest state in Australia and is home to ten of the biggest cities in Australia. It is well-known for being a hub for employment and land of opportunities, particularly mature age apprenticeships QLD.

Queensland government values mature aged apprentices very highly and depend on them as a major source of labour. On the Queensland government website they state that

Queensland Government values older workers and recognises they can adapt to changes in the workplace, learn new skills – including IT – and are reliable employees.  There are still outdated myths about mature-age workers.  You can help bust those myths and join Queensland Government.

One of the most popular mature age apprenticeships QLD is in the mining industry, as Queensland’s economy has experienced a massive boom in the industry over the past two decades. This is largely thanks to the Australian Governments investments and ongoing efforts to grow the Australian economy, which has led to consistent annual growth. If you would like to find out more about the mining industry go to the mining apprenticeships page.
Mature age apprenticeships qld
Another of mature age apprenticeships QLD is Engineering, which one of the best paid apprenticeships available to apprentices, and often leads to a successful and interesting career.

Qualifications required in QLD

In order to obtain a mature aged apprenticeship in Queensland the minimum qualification you need is a year 10 pass in both Mathematics and English. Previous relevant work experience is a big plus, similarly obtaining a pre-vocational course at TAFE.

Getting your previous work experience recognised

If you have worked for at least six years in the trade you are applying for, and if those six years of work experience were completed after you were 21 years old you may be able to become a qualified tradesman without the need for an apprenticeship. If, however, you have relevant work experience but not the required six years, you may still be entitled to something called ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’, also known as RPL, which if eligible, would mean that the amount of training you would need to complete in your apprenticeship is reduced, thus you can become qualified considerably sooner. Many older people who have experience in their chosen field overlook RPL and end up being unhappy in their apprenticeships as they are being taught things they are already experienced in.

Who decides whether my previous experience can be considered as RPL?

The Queensland government body that deals with RPL applications is ‘Queensland Department of Education and Training’, however, for engineering and electrical apprenticeships you need to contact Trades Recognition Australia, their phone number is 1300 360 992.

What do I need to be able to work as a tradesmen in QLD?

To be able to work legally in Queensland you may need to obtain an official licence or registration with the relevant body of your trade. To find out if your particular trade requires one, please visit the Queensland Government website. You will also need to be either a:

1) Australian citizen or 2) Permanent Australian resident or 3) Have a work visa.

What are the Mature Age Apprenticeships QLD wages?

Due to the vast amount of opportunities and wealth in Queensland, mature age apprenticeships are popular and the salary of adult apprentices is above average in most trades.
One attractive aspect of mature age apprenticeships in Queensland is that your employer has the option to offer you salary sacrifice options – This means your taxable income is reduced. For example: payments towards a new vehicle for you or extra superannuation contributions. The best thing to do is to discuss any salary sacrificing options with your employer.

Any benefits to Mature Age Apprenticeships QLD?

If you live far away from Queensland and you get an apprenticeship there, you may be entitled to travel allowance and in some cases – living away from home allowance too.

Two excellent resources for Queensland-based mature age apprentices

Here are some useful resources for further reading on mature age apprenticeships in Queensland.

– Queensland Apprenticeships website

– Queensland Government website

Additionally, if you live in the Ipswich area or the nearby surrounding areas, it is thoroughly recommended you register with Apprenticeships Queensland – They are a “community based, not-for-profit organisation, Apprenticeships Queensland exists solely to provide employment services for the people of Ipswich and the surrounding areas.”
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The state of NSW (New South Wales) is Australia’s most populous states, it is home to over 7 million people and a booming economy.

Apprenticeships in NSW are very popular and are available in most industries, including the traditional trades, media, tourism, electronics, and financial services. There are great opportunities for mature age apprentices in New South Wales, as long as they persevere and are dedicated to their work.
mature age apprenticeships nsw

Mature Age Apprenticeships NSW Wages

Wages in New South Wales are calculated by various factors, these some times include the length of time since you left school, the industry you wish to work in, your age and the industrial award you are paid under. To find out an accurate estimate of the salary you will earn, it is recommended you contact the NSW Industrial Relations by calling them on 131 628. They will be able to provide you with an estimate using your personal circumstances and information.

You may also be entitled to extra financial help if you fall into specific categories, for example, if you are over the age of 25 and completing a certificate III or IV you may be entitled to financial support of $150 per week in your first year , which equates to $7,800 per annum and $100 per week ($5,200 per annum) in your second year.

For further information please read below.

Further help specifically for you

If you are seriously considering looking to commence a mature age apprenticeship in NSW, then we thoroughly recommend you get in touch with your local Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre. They will help you one-on-one to identify the best mature age apprenticeship that fits your skills and needs. They will help you find out what types of qualifications you can expect to obtain and even tell you if you are eligible to receive any financial help with various things, including second-home allowances and help towards paying for your tools.

The Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre have over 200 staff and a decade of experience in helping apprentices. They are also do all of this free of charge – you can and should call them directly on 1300 652 236 to arrange a meeting to get all the help and advice you need.

Finding a job in NSW

Your first stop in finding a job in NSW should be the Skills road website, there you will get help with writing your cover letter, be able to write a resume using their resume builder tool and find helpful advice on what career might suit you best. If you require further help with your cv, visit our how to write an apprenticeship resume page. You can also use our Adult Apprenticeship Jobs page to look for current jobs in NSW.

We recommend that you tell all your friends and family of your decision, hopefully one of them will know somebody who can help you get an apprenticeship. Networking is one of the most effective methods of finding employment – if one of your friend recommends you to one of their own friends who is looking to hire someone, you increase your chances as you already have someone saying good things about you to the employer.

Get your yellow pages out and look at all the companies that work in your chosen trade to get an idea of how many of these exist around your area. You should then contact them by either writing to them or visit them in person, asking for any potential vacancies that they may have. Remember to always be polite and prepare most of what you want to say beforehand. Have a pen and paper with you at all times, in case you need to write any important information down and try to ask relevant questions to show your passion and interest in the job.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you find your dream job and have a successful career.
-Mature Age Team