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Heavy truck that mining apprenticeships teach you to use to dig and carry out works.

Mining apprenticeships are not amongst the most popular apprenticeship, which shocks a lot of people, as Mining is an exciting and dynamic industry.

It is forecasted to continue growing for a very long time and the positive outlook for the industry and high salaries also make it one of the most satisfying industries in Australia. Due to the shortage of people looking for mining apprenticeships, most companies have consistent problems with filling all of the increasing number of positions as they struggle to locate skilled workers. This makes it a career that should be seriously researched and considered, however, it is important to acknowledge that it is not for everyone, which is why you should research it extensively.

Qualities people trying to get mining apprenticeships should have

Some of the more popular qualities that your prospective employers will look for are often:

  • Have a responsible outlook to life, you will be working with heavy machinery and in potentially dangerous situations.
  • You must be in, at the very least, decent physical condition and in good mental health.
  • Are capable of travelling and working in remote areas.
  • Are willing to even move to those areas.
  • Be a team player, as you might in with a team in close conditions.
  • Be positive and with a good attitude towards work.

What qualifications are required?

This is a small list of qualifications that are needed in order to work in the mining industry.

  • A big plus is having relevant experience, if you are able to get some real experience, it is highly recommended you do.
  • Level III or if possible Level IV Certificate. These can be obtained through completing mining apprenticeships.
  • If you would like to drive the diggers and trucks, you need a Heavy Vehicle licence. Get more information here:
  • Due to the nature of the work involved, a first aid qualification will help you a lot.

Career outlook

There are many career paths in the industry, and as such, you will have the possibility to become very specialised and trained in a very specific area. Mining is a very important trade in the Australian economy, and as such is always in demand. In recent years, as mentioned earlier, there has actually been a shortage of workers. Despite the terrible state of the world’s economy it is predicted that the amount of jobs will continually increase over the next decade and, most likely, beyond.

What are the Mining salaries like in Australia?

Due to the huge size of the industry, salaries vary tremendously. If you do an Mining Apprenticeship, your wages depend on many factors, and the minimum salary is determined by the NTWAS (National Training Wage Award System). Some of the factors will of course be your past experience, training and in some cases even age.

Once qualified, and depending what specific  path you decide to take, your earnings could be anything between $42,000 (Australian Dollars) to over $270,000. To give you just a few examples, if you decide to become a Metallurgist, you can earn around $7,200 a month. Geologists and Geophysicists salaries average around $6,500 a month, and Mining assistants can expect around $5,200 per month.

I am a female and interested in mining apprenticeships, what chance do I have?

Absolutely! Despite the Miner stereotype usually being male, the mining companies have gone through great efforts to attract women into mining apprenticeships. Women are a critical part of every organisation, and mining is no different. If you have any questions relating to this, please contact your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre, you can find the nearest one through their website in the contacts section.

In what states can I find mining jobs?

There are numerous mines around Australia, but the states with the most jobs are usually Queensland, Northern Australia and Western Australia. Mining apprenticeships, however, should exist throughout Australia. If you would like to see what is in your area, you can check out our mature age apprenticeship jobs section.

Good luck!
-Mature Age Team


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