Mature Age Apprenticeships

You can find mature age apprenticeships in over five-hundred occupations throughout Australia, so how do you decide which one is for you? Step one is to do research on the ones that initially attract you the most. Here are very brief descriptions of only a couple of the most popular.


Are you an organiser? Are you someone who loves giving attention to detail? Then perhaps Accounting and Finance is a good industry to look at. With all the new technologies and changes in business models, this is an industry that is ever-changing, usually office based, but some jobs are required to work from home.

In your Mature Age Accounting Apprenticeship you would become a specialist in analysing and managing risks, management of credit, mortgages broking and general business administration.


Are you a people person? Love socialising and dealing with people? Then perhaps a Mature Age Human Resources Apprenticeship.

In your Mature Age HR apprenticeship you will learn about how people and business go together. You will be trained to know how select and recruit staff, help solve internal problems between staff and multiple HR systems.


Are you someone who loves their fashion? Always up-to-date with the latest trends? Then consider looking into a Mature Age Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

Mature Age Hairdressing Apprenticeships are a very popular choice, and training alongside real salon experience is the key to becoming a good hairdresser.

Apart from learning the art of cutting hair, you will be taught how to deal with the administrative side of Hairdressing, as well as Health and Safety procedures. In a Mature Age Hairdressing Apprenticeship you may also have the option to learn and complete the Hairdressing Salon Management Diploma, which was created mainly for individuals who have their own salon.

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Are you someone who wants to get fit and active while working? Then a career and Mature Age Apprenticeship Mining is what you are looking for. Despite the latest recession, the Mining is a booming industry and so a great career with many possibilities in current times.

In a Mature Age Mining Apprenticeship, you will learn how to repair, analyse and use different types of machinery. You will also learn how to maintain the heavy vehicles that are used in mining, these vehicles, mainly back hoes, are essential to the industry.

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One of the most popular apprenticeships in Australia, you will be someone who is passionate about how things are put together and operate. The salaries are good and there are always jobs available.

Whilst apprentices complete their mature age electrical apprenticeships they learn a variety of useful skills, such as how to fix and maintain different types of electrical systems and networks. Their apprenticeship schedule consists mostly of getting hands-on work experience and due to the dangerous nature of the works carried out, must be done under supervision.

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Thank you and good luck.
-Mature Age Team


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