The state of NSW (New South Wales) is Australia’s most populous states, it is home to over 7 million people and a booming economy.

Apprenticeships in NSW are very popular and are available in most industries, including the traditional trades, media, tourism, electronics, and financial services. There are great opportunities for mature age apprentices in New South Wales, as long as they persevere and are dedicated to their work.
mature age apprenticeships nsw

Mature Age Apprenticeships NSW Wages

Wages in New South Wales are calculated by various factors, these some times include the length of time since you left school, the industry you wish to work in, your age and the industrial award you are paid under. To find out an accurate estimate of the salary you will earn, it is recommended you contact the NSW Industrial Relations by calling them on 131 628. They will be able to provide you with an estimate using your personal circumstances and information.

You may also be entitled to extra financial help if you fall into specific categories, for example, if you are over the age of 25 and completing a certificate III or IV you may be entitled to financial support of $150 per week in your first year , which equates to $7,800 per annum and $100 per week ($5,200 per annum) in your second year.

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Further help specifically for you

If you are seriously considering looking to commence a mature age apprenticeship in NSW, then we thoroughly recommend you get in touch with your local Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre. They will help you one-on-one to identify the best mature age apprenticeship that fits your skills and needs. They will help you find out what types of qualifications you can expect to obtain and even tell you if you are eligible to receive any financial help with various things, including second-home allowances and help towards paying for your tools.

The Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre have over 200 staff and a decade of experience in helping apprentices. They are also do all of this free of charge – you can and should call them directly on 1300 652 236 to arrange a meeting to get all the help and advice you need.

Finding a job in NSW

Your first stop in finding a job in NSW should be the Skills road website, there you will get help with writing your cover letter, be able to write a resume using their resume builder tool and find helpful advice on what career might suit you best. If you require further help with your cv, visit our how to write an apprenticeship resume page. You can also use our Adult Apprenticeship Jobs page to look for current jobs in NSW.

We recommend that you tell all your friends and family of your decision, hopefully one of them will know somebody who can help you get an apprenticeship. Networking is one of the most effective methods of finding employment – if one of your friend recommends you to one of their own friends who is looking to hire someone, you increase your chances as you already have someone saying good things about you to the employer.

Get your yellow pages out and look at all the companies that work in your chosen trade to get an idea of how many of these exist around your area. You should then contact them by either writing to them or visit them in person, asking for any potential vacancies that they may have. Remember to always be polite and prepare most of what you want to say beforehand. Have a pen and paper with you at all times, in case you need to write any important information down and try to ask relevant questions to show your passion and interest in the job.

We wish you all the best of luck and hope you find your dream job and have a successful career.
-Mature Age Team