The state of South Australia covers the central southern part of Australia and generates almost 45% of the Australia’s entire Automotive manufacturing exports which has created a lot of mature age apprenticeships in South Australia.


The average amount of employed people in South Australia over the last couple of years has been around the 800,000 mark. Of those, about 85,000 are employed in the manufacturing industry. Another good sector to find mature age apprenticeships SA is Engineering as this sector is expected to have big growth over the next couple of years. This strong growth is thanks to the South Australian government pushing to develop highly advanced and modern manufacturing capabilities. Jobs in this sector include Mechanical Engineering, ship builders, welders and many others. Most of the jobs that are being created start with an apprenticeship, so it is a great time to look for one and start a new career in Engineering.
Mature age apprenticeships SA

Mature Age Apprenticeships SA wages

Wages mature age apprentices in SA varies greatly, as it depends greatly on your experience and the industry. To give you an idea of the absolute minimum you can expect to receive as a South Australian citizen you can visit:

You may also be able to apply to concessions and entitlement applications, which may help you if you find yourself in financial difficulties.


Depending on the individual’s circumstances and situation, people can apply to such things and get help for various expenses, including:

  • Household bills – Energy and water.
  • Vehicle licensing.
  • Travelling costs
  • and more.

To find out what you may be entitled to visit – Concession Information

Adult Apprenticeship Jobs in SA

If you are after an adult apprenticeship job in SA a great start would be to use our Adult Apprenticeship Jobs page. There you can search, apply for and hopefully find your dream job.
If you are currently a mature-aged person who is unemployed or disadvantaged there is a great community-based organisation that focuses on helping people like you find employment and find training that would lead to a job. It is called Don’t Overlook Mature Experience and you can contact them through their website Dome website.

Fighting Discrimination in SA

Another great resource is the equal Opportunity Commission of SA website – They exist to help you in case you are discriminated against, because of your age, sex, religious beliefs or race.

-Mature Age Team