Mature Age Apprenticeships

You have found the perfect adult apprenticeship and you would really like to apply for it, but your resume is either out dated or non existent. Don’t panic, and certainly do not rush into applying for the position. Simply, conduct extensive research in resume writing and work hard on it. Here are ten tips to help you get started and hopefully end up producing a winning resume to give yourself the best chance to be selected for an interview.

  1. Open with a short profile of yourself of around 3 sentences highlighting your qualities, skills, achievements and what you are looking for.
  2. Always include your interests – this is, believe it or not, an important section, as most employers look over it to see whether you would fit in with the rest of the team.
  3. Your resume is a positive document about yourself, do not mention anything negative. Read everything you write out loud and ask yourself what tone of voice you used, if it has even a hint of negativity, change it.
  4. Include power words, for example ‘Highly organised’ ‘Effective communication’ and ‘Strong writing skills’.
  5. Try your best to relate your past experiences to the skills required for the apprenticeship – conducting a quick brainstorm is the best way of achieving this. Want to apply to Electrical Apprenticeships? Mention that you are the friend who fixes all the electrical equipment.
  6. Make sure your resume is no more than 2 pages in length. Some employers receive many applications, if it is too long, they will likely skim through it.
  7. Avoid repetition at all costs! Saying you did the exact same thing in two different jobs doesn’t add anything, think carefully and come up with different points to every job.
  8. Be honest, but never say things such as, “I am willing to do anything”.
  9. Put the thesaurus and synonyms tool to good use.
  10. And the biggest mistake applicants make that end in rejections – Make sure you spell check at least three times and number your pages.

Once you get an interview, practice your interviewing skills with an independent professional or a friend.

Good luck.
-Mature Age Team


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