The state of Victoria produces a quarter of Australia’s total GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which makes it the second biggest state economy in Australia and an excellent place to find mature age apprenticeships Victoria.

One of the biggest contributors to Victoria’s economy is the Manufacturing sector, which despite the troubles it has encountered since the world’s latest economy problems; it still manages to employ over 15% of Victoria’s working residents.

There are numerous major industrial plants in Victoria, including car manufacturers Toyota and Ford, Oil refineries and aluminium smelters. This means that there are good opportunities for mature age apprentices seeking Mechanical, Engineering and Electrical apprenticeships.
Mature Age Apprenticeships Victoria

What are mature age apprenticeships Victoria?

Apprenticeships are a proven way to learn the necessary skills to start a career in a trade of your choice. An apprenticeship is a training contract between an apprentice and an employer, in which the apprentice is trained whilst completing paid work-experience, which once finished leads to a nationally recognised qualification and skill-set.

Benefits of mature age apprenticeships in Victoria?

In Victoria, mature age apprenticeships are often eligible for financial support on top of their apprenticeship wages. The Australian Government introduced an incentive called the ‘Australian Apprenticehsips Incentives Program’, and the purpose  of this program is to either give the apprentice direct financial support or in other cases to help and encourage employers to hire mature age apprentices by helping them pay the wages of apprentices. The maximum payouts are of up to AUD$13,000 for the initial two years of the apprenticeship. and this money can be for either extra living funds, to subsidise the cost of necessary tools or for second-home costs.

How do I find out if I am eligible?

In order to be eligible for these benefits, the apprentice must be over 25 at the start of their Australian Apprenticeship in a trade experiencing skills shortages and at a Certificate level III or IV.

Please note that the benefits are awarded depending on the individual’s particular circumstances. If you wish to find out exactly what and how much you may be entitled to, please contact the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program on 13 38 73 or visit the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program Website.

What about the mature age apprenticeships Victoria wages?

The employment conditions of mature age apprenticeships are often very similar to those given to other employees within the same industry, however, as a mature age apprentice you are given a special wage rate, to find out your basic wage, without any of the benefits mentioned above.


However, to give you a rough estimate of numbers, here are some information snapshots of various occupations in Victoria:

Electrician: Number of Electricians in Victoria is 33,415 – Average weekly hours is 41.3 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$1200.

Mining Engineer: Number of Mining Engineers in Victoria is 1,350 Average weekly hours is 46.5 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$2100.

Plumber: Number of Plumbers in Victoria is 26,800 – Average weekly hours is 40.7 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$1,000.

Motor Mechanic: Number of motor mechanics in Victoria is 22,344 – Average weekly hours is 41.8 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$850.

Carpenter: Number of Carpenters in Victoria is 32,356 – Average weekly hours is 40 – Average gross weekly earnings is AUD$900.

*Note: This information is from March 2012 and obtained from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace relations, Job outlook – occupation pages. Your salary once qualified will largely depend on your experience and skill.

What is required to work in Victoria?

In order to legally work in the majority of skilled trades in Victoria, you will be required to have a licence or registration from your relevant trade body.

Here are some valuable resources to learn more about licences and registrations for tradesmen in Victoria: – Industry body for engineers in Victoria. – Official regulator of all plumbing works carried out in Victoria.

Looking for mature age apprenticeships Victoria?

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