Mature Age Apprenticeships

A close up of a electrical equipment that someone doing a mature age mechanic apprenticeship might find.

Apart from Plumbing and Electrical apprenticeships, the other highly popular one is a Mechanic Apprenticeship. The number of car owners is constantly increasing, as it is in most parts of the world, which means skilled Mechanics are in high demand.

As with other trades, the only way to become a qualified tradesman is to start by completing an apprenticeship.

Requirements to get a Mechanic Apprenticeship

  • You must have completed the 12th grade of secondary school.
  • You must have decent mathematics, English and physics grades.
  • Employers are known to prefer candidates with a driving licence
  • If you have a driving licence, you must have completely clean records.
  • Ability to work well within a team
  • Methodical attitude towards work
  • A passion for technical drawings

Mechanic Apprenticeship Description

During your mechanical apprenticeship, you are likely to work on the job four days of the week, and you will attend classroom based teaching the fifth day. A typical week should comprise of 40 hours overall. 


During your on-the-job training, you will assist a qualified and skilled mechanic, which could be anything from installing or repairing air condition systems to inspecting engines to identify faults and change tyres. Everything you do will be under your trainer’s supervision and he is accountable for your actions.

If you complete a four year mechanical apprenticeship, you would have completed over 8,000 hours of work experience, in which you would have covered various automotive part, such as engines, transmissions, brakes and everything else that composes a vehicle.

Where do mechanics work?

The training that you will get in a mechanic apprenticeship is usually undertaken inside well-lit and well-ventilated workshops, however, on some occasions the training could be completed on the road. And due to the nature of the work and the tools used in the workshops, the apprentices can expect to face minor hazards such as bruises and light burns, which is why responsible

What are the career prospects?

An apprentice getting trained during his mechanic apprenticeship

Mechanic Apprenticeship

Once your mechanic apprenticeship is complete, you will have to decide which route you will take. You will get the chance to become specialised in highly specific areas, such as Diesel engines and small engines. However, you also have the option to work in a different from the automotive field, and get a job as a motorcycle mechanic or even an aircraft mechanic. And wherever you decide to end up working, due to the ever advancing types of electrical equipment in every field, you will get the chance to undertake further training to broaden and refine their technical equipment skills.

Most mechanics are employed by their local dealership or an independent company that specialises in repairing vehicles.

A typical mechanic works on average 40 hours a week, and some of these hours may be carried out during weekends, as many dealerships are open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Salaries of Mechanics in Australia

Salaries in mechanics have steadily risen over the past decade, coinciding with the increase of vehicles. Minimum average salary is $29,999, the average maximum salary is $130,000, and the average salary throughout the profession is $68,279.

However, one thing to always keep in mind is that the amount you earn depends completely on you. In popular trades such as mechanics, there is always potential to can get extra work on days off and work overtime to increase your wages.

Can you get help with tools when doing a mechanic apprenticeship?

Mechanics that are looking for employment may benefit from owning their own tools, as some employers tend to prefer these people. Partly because they might own good tools that would help their business, but also because it shows that the prospective employee is more likely to be more determined and passionate about the job than someone who doesn’t own his/her own tools.

Tools for mechanics are usually quite expensive, and as engines all have different sized nuts and bolts, mechanics are usually expected to at the very least own their own set of different sized wrenches and shallow and deep sockets. Mechanical apprentices are advised to start their own collection early on in their careers, and this is why the Australian Apprenticeships scheme was created. The scheme helps mature age apprentices purchase start-up tools. If you would like to find out if you are entitled to help with your mechanic apprenticeship, please visit your local Australian Apprenticeship Centre, go on their Australian Apprenticeship Centre Website or call them on 13 38 73 .

-Mature Age Team


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