Western Australia is Australia’s largest state, which is home to 10% of the Australian population. There is a tremendous amount of natural resources in the area, which has made extraction and processing of these resources a huge part of the state’s economy and this in turn has made mining one of the most important local industries.

Western Australia roughly contributes around 58% of all of the Australian Energy and Mineral exports, which equates to around 4.6% of Australia’s total GDP (Gross Domestic Product). And the Gross State Product per person is considerably higher than the national average.

All of the above has helped Western Australia have booming mining and construction sectors and created countless jobs and apprenticeships for its residents. If you are interesting in mining industry, you can read by going to our mining apprenticeships page.
Mature age apprenticeships WA

What do I need to be able to work in Western Australia?

To work in Western Australia as a tradesmen, you need to obtain the relevant qualifications and certificates for your chosen trade. In order to obtain these you must complete all of the on and off the job training and have achieved competency in your apprenticeship contract’s outlined units. Once you have passed the qualifications you need to apply for a trade certificate by contacting your registered training organisation.

Benefits of Mature Age Apprenticeships WA

In certain popular trades in Western Australia, such as mining, you may be required to travel long distances or may even need to rent a second home in order to complete your apprenticeship. This is due to the remote location of some sites, in these cases you may be entitled to financial support from the Australian Apprenticeships scheme for both your travels and any second-homes allowance. The Australian Apprenticeships scheme also helps mature age apprentices in Western Australia with further financial help to reduce the cost of tools that may be required to complete your trade.

You can find out more about what exactly you are entitled to by calling Australian Apprenticeships – 13 38 73

I want to change the terms in my contract

If you have signed a contract with an employer in Western Australia and you wish to make changes to it, the first thing you must do is contact your local ApprentiCentre and have a meeting with a qualified officer. They can help you with issues such as; getting an extension to your contract if you do not complete your training in time and cancelling it.

How much do mature aged apprentices earn in Western Australia?

To find out how much your basic salary will be, check the website below to find the relevant award information. As a mature age apprentice, you may be eligible for wage top-ups.
Western Australia State Award Information: commerce.wa.gov.au/labourrelations

Federal awards information can be found at fwa.gov.au or 131 394

For further reading we recommend the following three resources:

Information about various apprenticeships – http://www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au/apprenticentre/detcms/navigation/become-an-apprentice-or-trainee/apprenticeship-opportunities/

Official Western Australia Government Website – http://wa.gov.au/

Official Western Australia Government Apprenticeship website – http://www.trainingwa.wa.gov.au/apprenticentre/detcms/portal/

Good luck with your search for mature age apprenticeships in WA.
-Mature Age Apprenticeships.org Team