Mature Age Apprenticeships

You have decided to complete a mature age apprenticeship. Now what?

You have already taken the first step towards your new life, now comes the slightly harder part – finding a mature age apprenticeship!

Here are some general tips to help you. But remember, nothing worth having is easy in this world. So persevere and you will see the results in the end.


The most important thing to do whenever trying to accomplish something, is to identify your end goal. So step 1 consists of deciding what mature age apprenticeship you wish to find and complete.


As mentioned throughout our website, is that there is an overwhelming choice of mature age apprenticeships. Something around the five-hundred mark! Which can be slightly intimidating, but in actual fact, it is great as it means there is a high probability you will find multiple mature age apprenticeships that interest you. Conduct extensive research on the internet to find out about different apprenticeships and then speak to an independant professional to get further help.

An excellent source to find information is also the website. Check it out.



Once you have narrowed your choices down to a maximum of three. You need to do a bit more research on each one. Go speak to a free careers adviser, watch videos about the specific trade on YouTube of real people sharing their experiences and if you are able to, go speak to someone who is already qualified in your chosen trade in your local area. Ask questions and get real opinions from the people who actually know what it is like.


Now that you know exactly what you want to apply to. You now need to update (or write) your résumé. This is a very important step and work hard on it. For detailed information on how to get a winning résumé, visit our How to write Mature Age Apprenticeship résumé page – here is a brief overview of that page.


  • DO use power words, such as “I achieved”, “I accomplished”, “I completed”, “I did this”
  • DO use a spell checker multiple times.
  • DO include dates on everything.
  • DO include all your achievements.


  • DON’T use negative language, such as “I was fired”, “I sometimes work hard” or “I think I can be a good worker”.
  • DON’T use strange or exotic fonts, stick to Arial.
  • DON’T write massive stories, keep it short and to the point. No longer than two pages.
  • DON’T say anything negative about your previous job, such as “I was fired, but it was their fault”.



Now that your résumé is complete and looking fantastic, you need potential employers to read it.

Excellent places to look for mature age apprenticeship jobs are:

  • Look at our mature age apprenticeship jobs page to find current jobs to apply to.
  • Check your local newspapers.
  • Go hand deliver your résumé to any business that works in your chosen trade. You may even get the chance to meet someone who has the power to hire you, so make sure you are looking sharp and that you are polite when you give your résumé over.
  • Give your local Australian Apprenticeship centre a visit, they usually have boards with jobs pinned on them.
  • Visit the government’s official job searching website



Once you get an interview, you must now prepare to make a great impression and get the job! Do thorough research on the company you have your interview with. If possible, practice your interviewing and presentation skills with a friend.


Once you get a job offer, you must now read the contract of the new job, but before you accept, make sure you agree with everything within that contract. It is highly recommended you visit your local Australian Apprenticeship centre for free advice, to find your local centre visit, or call 13 38 73. They will also help you and your employer fill in all the required paperwork to make it official and to see if you are eligible to the extra benefits you may be able to receive.
You have now started your new career.

Many congratulations, good luck with your new career and remember…

If you work hard and persevere and you WILL see long term results.

-Mature Age Team


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